Adhesive - Ultratape Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 500ml - 17oz
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Ultratape Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 500ml - 17oz

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Ultratape Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive 500ml with Variable Valve

An exceedingly strong adhesive in an aerosol for easy application.

  • Very high initial tack
  • Particularly suited for bonding foam to foam
  • Also ideal for fabrics, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, rubber and polythene
  • Laying foam backed carpets
  • Securing underfelts
  • Dust sealing concrete floors
  • Fitting vehicle interior trimmings
  • Fixing insulation materials
  • Supplied in a 500ml aerosol

Not suitable for use on plasticised PVC.

Heavy duty spray adhesive is perfect for fixing card, paper, cardboard, foil, fabric, carpet, leather and cushion foam to plastic, metal, wood and many more. The contact adhesive is easily applied from the can using the adjustable spray nozzle. It provides a strong, flexible bond for many applications where a conventional adhesive would be too difficult to apply.

Great for holding things up, together, down or whatever!

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