Tape - Ultratape - Rhino Gaffer Tape 50mm X 20M - Hi-Vis Flourescent Yellow Cloth Tape
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Ultratape - Rhino Gaffer Tape 50mm x 20M - Hi-Vis Flourescent Yellow Cloth Tape

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Strong Yellow Duct / Gaffa / Cloth Tape 50mm x 20M.

  • Heavy duty, waterproof
  • High visibility colour ideal for alerting passers-by to a potential hazard
  • Fluorescent
  • Multipurpose tape
  • Width 50mm and Length 20M

    An extra strong adhesion and perfect for securing leads, wiring etc as well as many other uses. This is the strongest tape available on the market.

    fluorescent tape


    Single sided cloth tape The world’s most used self-adhesive tape, used in space missions, film sets and armed forces, these tapes are truly universal in nature. Based on waterproof backing with a high grab adhesive they can be used in interior and exterior conditions. 50mm x 20M 

    • Tough cloth tape
    • High visibility
    • Rugged
    • Super strong
    • Waterproof
    Cloth tape that works when you need to rely on it most. Extreme conditions are no problem for this tape, excellent in low temperatures, use in construction, cars, boats and garden projects.

    50mm x 20M