Decorative Bottle With Led - Decorative Bottle Light With 15 LED Light String 0.6W - Warm White
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Decorative Bottle Light with 15 LED Light string 0.6W - Warm White

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Decorative Bottle light with coloured 15 LED Light

Upcycle your old glassware and bottles with these bright lightbulbs. Simply arrange the bulbs in a bottle, put in the cork stopper, switch on the lights and admire your masterpiece! The bulbs make an ideal centerpiece, adding elegance and interest.

    • Illuminates a delicate pattern.
    • H 21cm W 2cm D 2cm
    • 0.6 W Led light string
    • Batteries included
    • Perfect for use both indoors and out.

Using the on/off switch on stopper triggers a warming glow of light which sparkles  throughout the interior of any bottle. 

Light up summer BBQs or wow as a Christmas/Birthday party table center piece.