Reasons that spring is a popular time of year to move home

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Spring has arrived!

Spring is indeed a popular time for many people to move homes, and this trend is attributed to several compelling reasons:

  1. Pleasant Weather: Spring offers milder weather conditions compared to the extremes of winter and summer. This makes moving more comfortable for everyone involved, from the people doing the heavy lifting to those organising and unpacking.

  2. Longer Days: The increase in daylight hours during spring means there’s more time each day to move and get settled into a new home. This is particularly beneficial for those who are juggling moving with their work or other daily commitments.

  3. Housing Market Activity: Spring is traditionally a time when the housing market becomes more active. Many people list their homes for sale during this season, hoping to attract buyers who are looking to move and settle in before the start of the new school year.

  4. School Year Considerations: For families with children, moving in spring or early summer is ideal because it allows children to finish their school year before relocating. This timing can help minimise disruptions to their education and social lives. It also gives families the summer months to adjust to their new environment before the next school year begins.

  5. Decluttering: Spring is synonymous with spring cleaning, which often includes decluttering. This process can make moving easier by reducing the volume of items to be packed and transported. 

  6. Reduced Moving Costs: Summer is the busiest season for removal & moving companies for a number of reasons – from children being out of school to newlyweds moving into their homes. Removals costs tend to be higher from July until September, so some people like to move earlier to save money and take advantage of reduced demand for removals firms. With completion dates often changing, it can be hard to secure movers last minute in the summer months

  7. New Beginnings: Symbolically, spring represents new beginnings and renewal, making it an appealing time for many to embark on the new chapter that moving home represents. The natural rejuvenation and bloom of spring can amplify the excitement and optimism associated with moving to a new place.

Each of these factors contributes to why spring is a favoured season for moving, offering both practical and emotional benefits to those looking to make a change.


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