Got any creative ideas for fathers day?

fathers day wine bottle through the post

Sure, here are some creative ideas for Father's Day:

  1. Make a customized photo album, a piece of art, a handwritten letter or a personalized mug, and include some of his favourite memories.

  2. Organize a special activity: Plan a special activity like a day trip to a nearby attraction or a sports game, fishing or camping trip, or a special outdoor activity that your dad enjoys.

  3. Cook a special meal for your dad, or prepare his favourite dishes or try out some new recipes that he might enjoy.

  4. There are plenty of subscription boxes available on the market for every interest. Look for ones related to his hobbies or interests and gift him a monthly subscription box.

  5. Plan a family movie night with your dad's favourite movies, snacks, and drinks.

  6. Create a scavenger hunt with clues that lead to his favourite snacks, drinks, or places in the house.

  7. Plan a game night with his favourite board games or video games, and have fun together as a family.

Remember, the most important thing is to spend quality time with your dad and make him feel appreciated and loved on his special day.

If you can't see your father on the day, don't fret. Why not be with someone in spirit (pun intended) and send a bottle of something.  

Make sure you protect that special bottle from breakages using one of our many packaging solutions. 

Celebrate your Dad with a toast! zum wohl

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