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Glass jug mug storage

Storage of mugs & glasses can be a problem for many Village, Community and Church Halls, Schools, Bed and Breakfast Establishments, Guest Houses, Pubs & Restaurants.

 Whether you’re;

  • Refurbishing Kitchen Facilities
  • Transferring stock to storage
  • Managing Inventory
  • Moving, Closing or Moth Balling
  • Relocating

 We have a low cost storage solution.

 Mug And Glass Packing - Box - Glass/Mug Inserts & Dividers - 30 Cells


A strong, double walled cardboard box that holds up to 15 tall glasses or 30 mugs.

Interlocking dividers for internal protection. 

Made from double walled cardboard for extra strength and protection.

46 x 33 x 33cm (width x depth front to back x height)

2 layers of 3 x 5 cell divider

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