Eco-friendly red Bioglitter® Christmas recycled kraft paper - Great Eco Wrap!

Bio-glitter biodegrade Christmas Paper recycled wrap

Christmas Wrapping Paper with Biodegradable Glitter

Environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional plastic glitter

The world’s only certified fresh water biodegradable alternative to glitter derived from wood pulp, sustainable and independently certified to biodegrade in natural fresh water environments.
Complies with paper and board recycling guidelines.

bio glitter sparkly Christmas wrapping paper bio glitter

What is Bio-glitter?

Bio-glitter starts from a completely unique cellulose core derived from PEFC certified hardwoods, primarily eucalyptus, which is then coated with natural resin and pigments that are non-toxic to the environment and help give Bio-glitter its vibrant colour. 

Bio-glitter has been tested and proven to biodegrade in natural environments such as rivers, lakes, and soil, as well as man-made environments such as compost and waste-water.

How long does Bio-glitter take to biodegrade?

It takes 28 days for Bio-glitter to biodegrade, although wet and warm conditions and higher concentrations of microbes will speed up the process.

Biodegradation occurs when microorganisms digest the Bio-glitter and transform it into harmless substances such as water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

All wrap is made in Britain and fully recyclable.

Christmas Paper Ranges available from stock Mid-October 2021 


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