Pack of Two - Ultratape Thread Seal Tape 12mm x 12m (PTFE) - PK2

Type: Tape


Ultratape Rhino PTFE Thread Seal Tape WRAS Approved - Pack of Two

  • BS 7786 Grade L
  • Width 12mm
  • Thickness 0.075mm
  • Length 12M
  • Colour White
  • WRAS approved

A pure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape designed for sealing threaded joints thus replacing conventional products. The material is chemically inert and is suitable for use in aggressive environments e.g. where acids, solvents and gases are present. Making it ideal for water, petrol, oxygen and chemicals such as acetone. As well as preventing pressure/fluid loss, it reduces the risk of bi-metallic corrosion in threaded structures e.g. brass screws in aluminium or steel. Supplied in plastic dispenser reels.

  • Chemically inert material
  • Ideal for liquids and gases
  • Suitable for aggressive environments
  • Reduces risk of bi-metallic corrosion
  • Supplied in plastic dispenser reels
  • Pack contains 2 reels

Product Application Information

Widely used for to seal threaded pipe joints by plumbers and commercial applications. Ideal for water, petrol and oil acids. It can also be used with organic chemicals such as acetone, MEK, xylene, methylene-chloride and gases such as oxygen and chlorine. Except for Fluorine. This tape can also be used to prevent pressure/fluid loss when working with components such as brass screws in aluminium or steel.


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