Sample Bottle Airsac Kit - Postal Pack 500ml and 330ml
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Sample Bottle Airsac Kit - Postal Pack 500ml and 330ml

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Sending a sample to the laboratory, a client or potential customer?

Why not send a sample securely using our mailing box & bag, specially developed for transporting industry standard sizes 500ml and 330ml bottles.

One bottle mailing boxes kit comprises of:

1x outer cardboard box (single)

1x airsac multi-chamber bag (single)

Expanded airsac multi-chamber bottle bag within a corrugated box, offers excellent protection and is suitable for shipping.

industry standard sizes for beer are 500ml and 330ml bottle sample pack

 Suitable for bottle size(s)

  • Industry standard sizes - 500ml and 330ml
Airsac is an inflatable packaging system that has been developed specifically for transporting fragile and breakable goods.
  • Composed of only 2% film and 98% air
  • High performance multi-chamber design
  • Tested at temperatures as low as -40 up to +60 degrees
  • Suitable for air freight
Airsac's multi-chamber design provides unique cushioning for products inserted into the bags. 
  • 100% reusable and recyclable
  • Easy to inflate with use of compressed air
  • All UK online orders are inflated before dispatch unless advised. No pump required!
  • Dimensions: 290 x 125 x 100mm