Bottle And Glass Packs - Box - Glass/Mug Inserts & Dividers - 30 Cells
Bottle And Glass Packs - Box - Glass/Mug Inserts & Dividers - 30 Cells
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Box - Glass/Mug Inserts & Dividers - 30 cells

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18"x13"x13" 457x330x330mm -
30 cells D/W
Kraft D/W

Wine Glass Storage Box - Glassware Crate | Strong - Double Walled Cardboard Box | 30 Cells | Glass or item max width 90mm, glass max height 330mm | box

Technical Specifications

Internal Dimensions
















  • Professional quality for safety and ease of use
  • Strong and rigid, double wall corrugated cardboard to keep bottles safe
  • Moisture resilient 150 grade Kraft paper outer
  • Fold-out, single wall corrugated separator
  • Double layer top and bottom and reinforced stability when flaps are folding and taped
  • Withstands distortion, crush and impact damage under reasonable use
  • Made from 80% recycled paper with shower proof 20% pure 150 grade Kraft paper outer
  • 100% bio-degradable, recyclable and reuseable

Manufactured in heavy duty double wall board our cartons are strong, long lasting and competitively priced. 

  • Dimensions Box: 460 x 330 x 330 (mm)
  • Dimensions Cell: 160 High - 113 x 92 Wide (mm) - 30 cells altogether

2 x 15 cells dividers and mid-level divider create 30 cells to pack glasses and mugs. The divider cushions against shock during transit or storage.

Packing suggestions:

  • Wine Glasses - stack upright 2 layers of 16cm high wine glasses
  • Tall Wine Glasses and Flutes - stack upright 1 layer of tall wine glasses and trim the divider to suit
  • Tumblers - Goblets and crystal or cut glass tumblers
  • Mugs - favourite mugs and sets of mugs can be packed and transported or stored safely
  • Cups - quickly pack up to 30 cups - ideal for large sets and catering sets
  • Spirit Glasses - specialist glasses such as sherry, brandy, liquor glasses can be tissue wrapped to pad around the glass within each cell

Manufactured in high quality, rigid flute, corrugated kraft board, our modular cartons are strong, long lasting and competitively priced. Available for immediate dispatch, each modular carton has our unique branding which includes a dual purpose grid located on the top flaps for use as a removal/ storage carton or a standard dispatch box. The modular carton system allows for optimum use of space and is compatible with our range of shipping cartons.

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