Marketing & Outreach program for any winery or micro brewery.

If you're going to own a brewery or vineyard you'd better love selling.

successful selling your own brewery or vineyard products

Tasting rooms and wine clubs are not the only way to spread the “good news” about your product.

Setting up a mailing list is a great way to market your product by sending samples to your subscribers.

Why send samples?

Communities of like-minded people can be passionate about a great product.  It's a brilliant low cost way to share your story. Sending out samples has helped lots of microbreweries & wineries to raise awareness of their beverage, build relationships with retailers, increasing their following and finding new friends.

Getting your outstanding product in front of reviewers, writers, and other influencers, as well as into wine & beer competitions, can be an important part of the marketing and outreach program for any winery or micro brewery.

Best bottle size for sampling your product?

Half-Quarter, 93.5 ml (1/8 Bottle) – Better known as a Topette, is used most often as sample bottles

We stock a large range of postal mailboxes for shipping sample-sized bottles

Suitable for wine bottle size(s)

  • Jennie: 500 ml
  • Half Bottle, Demi or Split: 375ml (1/2 Bottle)
  • Tenth: 378 ml
  • Clavelin Half: 310 ml
  • Quarter Bottle: 187 ml
  • Piccolo. (1/4 bottle): 187 ml
  • Half-Quarter (1/8 Bottle): 93.5 ml 
  • Topette (1/8 Bottle): 93.5 ml
  • Chopine: 250 ml
  • 1/3 bottle: 250 ml

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